preliminary budget assessment  
Review of FF&E and OS&E budget as prepared by the Owner. Provide input as to appropriateness of dollars for specific line items. Alert Owner of any omissions or areas of double coverage.

identification of project parameters
Work with Owner and consultants to identify specific needs and documentation required, such as local sourcing, required percentage of diversity sources, and financial or governmental regulations that would apply to the project purchases.

project schedule
Review overall project schedule and develop procurement schedule accordingly.

cash flow estimate
Prepare cash flow document based upon procurement schedule for Owner’s planning.

review FF&E and OS&E specs
Review all specs for completeness, omissions, inconsistencies, quantities and any other questions that would need to be resolved prior to formal pricing. Identify all items requiring specialized fabrication techniques as well as long lead time items needing special handling.

model room process
Work with the team in reviewing model room specs, selection of appropriate model room fabricators within project budget, issuing requisite purchase orders, overseeing installation, and coordinating comprehensive review of model room.

research potential sources
Compile list of potential sources for each type of product that will be purchased. Identify custom fabricators with the ability to produce hospitality items at a lower price point while maintaining product quality. Solicit information regarding local sources that have asked about participating in the project.

source qualification
Discuss all sources with team members and determine final bid list. Review recent source history with industry associates and address any potential problem vendors.

competitive bids
Prepare complete bid packages for all quantity items as well as individual pricing. Send to sources on final bid list. Clarify and refer design questions to design firm for resolution.

bid analysis
Receive bids and work with bidding firms to verify all pricing encompasses desired scope of work. Present bid analysis in spreadsheet format with notes as to any quality level differences, exclusions, or substitutions.

value engineering
When bid packages are issued, ask vendors to review specified goods and quote alternate pricing as value engineering options for the project. Assess all alternates, list VE dollars and details on bid spreadsheet for Owner’s consideration. Work with design firm for their input and present a plan to purchase project within Owner’s budget.

attic stock
Formulate proposed attic stock quantities for Owner review and approval.

creation of project budget
Input all spec information into a line item budget with originally specified vendors’ costs as the original budget document.

budget and alternate bid review
Meet with Owner and design firm to review original budget and all qualified bids. Present a plan to purchase project within Owner’s budget. Research any additional options, negotiate with specific vendors for any necessary additional value engineering and finalize approved budget.

purchase order preparation and issuance
Issue all purchase orders in accordance with approved budget and selected vendors.

Work with vendors and design firm to expedite all vendor submittals and subsequent design approvals throughout the early product fabrication period.

expediting purchase orders
Aggressively push all vendors throughout the production phase. Identify any potential schedule or fabrication issues and resolve to ensure project schedule is met.

project interim reporting
Issue periodic budgets and delivery status reports in accordance with the Owner’s schedule.

invoice process
Receive and process all vendor invoices to Ownership group. Audit each invoice for compliance to purchase order costs and terms and resolve any issues prior to transmitting to Owner for payment. All project costs and vendor original invoices submitted to Owner without any mark-up or “handling” fees

freight management and logistics
Assist the Owner in the issuance of a Request for Proposal and subsequent selection of a freight logistics firm for lowest freight cost and logistical planning.

Warehousing and on-site installation
Review all requirements for warehousing, jobsite delivery and installation of all FF&E and OS&E. Formulate schedule and plan for delivery of FF&E and OS&E. Develop project specific Request for Proposal, issue to approved candidate firms, receive proposals, and quantify for Owner review and selection.

Review of installation and final sign-offs
Work with Owner to observe installation on a periodic basis. Identify and resolve any quality issues prior to actual installation. Address any punch list items with appropriate vendors and resolve.

final Cost
Work with Owner’s schedule and deliver final cost compared to budget for all FF&E and OS&E.

Project close-out documentation
Collect project fire retardant certificates, warranties, and maintenance manuals throughout the fabrication period. Deliver these documents early to avoid any delay with facility opening.

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